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Cannabis Culture around the World

Cannabis Culture around the World

Normally a taboo, cannabis culture defines a social atmosphere depending on cannabis consumption. For centuries,...

Apr 24 2019 Priya
Pastafarianism: A new Cultural Phenomenon

There has always been a huge debate regarding who and...

Apr 10 2019 Priya
The Oldest Spoken Languages in the World Today

Languages are like a living, breathing organism. In order to...

Apr 5 2019 AngelikiS
Aspects of Rural Life that City Life can’t Offer

Urbanization has been for centuries as a trend and most...

Mar 27 2019 Sriya


top street food

Top Ten Street Food in the World

You can't really claim to know a place until you try its cuisine. Until you...

May 15 2019 AngelikiS
Unhealthy Food that seems Healthy

Every once in a while, almost all of us go...

May 5 2019 Priya
Comfort Foods around the World

Food to a lot of people (including me) is what...

Apr 21 2019 Priya
Eight Countries with the Best Food in the World

An essential part of traveling is tasting. Discovering dishes and...

Apr 7 2019 AngelikiS



Traveling alone without being Lonely

When you plan for traveling or going on a vacation, you might probably think of...

May 20 2019 Sriya
Eleven places to visit in Greece

Beautiful islands, great food, picturesque villages, sunny beaches. There is...

Apr 27 2019 AngelikiS
Ten Friendliest Cities in the World

High prices, grumpy locals, drivers who do not respect pedestrians,...

Apr 22 2019 AngelikiS
10 Travel Hacks Every Parents Should Know

Travel and summer go hand in hand, but the enthusiasm...

Mar 29 2019 Sriya